Buying a house in Houston.

Houston is probably most famous for the phrase: “Houston, we have a problem”. The problem was mostly that the people who said it wasn’t in Houston. There is no need to have the same problem today. Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in America. It is a vibrant and diverse city and you are sure to find your next home there.

Are you looking for a home in Houston, but not exactly sure where? According to information from the FBI, US census and other sources there at 10 places that stand out from the various neighborhoods in Houston. The rating is based on reviews, crime, property taxes and real-estate trends to name a few.

The top of the list is Kingwood area. Kingwood area is a diverse and friendly neighborhood close to Houston. Next is El Lago, a place where your family will set down roots. Clear Lake is at number three, due to its big city amenities and small town feel. Addick’s Park ten and Taylor lake Village come in at number 4 and 5. Number 6 is Greatwood and is great for 6-year-olds due to the choice of two elementary schools and a child-friendly attitude. Memorial comes in at 7th and is an exclusive and expensive suburb. 8th and 9th most popular places to buy in Houston is Lake Houston and New Territory. The last spot on the top ten belongs to Cinco Ranch. This is a safe, community orientated suburb with access to shopping centers, schools, and other great amenities. Start by contacting I buy houses in Houston for some advice before exploring on your own.

Have you decided where to stay? Good for you! Let’s start the process of buying a house. The first step, like in many other things, is planning. To buy a house is a huge commitment and unless you have billions, it takes some careful planning. You need to figure out a budget, check your credit rating (there are a ton of online tools to help you check your credit score), save money for the deposit or make plans to get financial assistance. Texas has a ‘Texas financial toolbox’ that helps with the process. Remember to save a little extra for those unexpected costs.

The next step is a lot more pleasurable. You have to think about your dream home. How many rooms? How big should it be? Should it have a pool and a big backyard with space for your dog? Two stories or one? Now it’s time to meet up with a real estate agent and discuss your dreams. You can find a real-estate agent through a specific house listing online or walk into your local agency and have them start looking for your dream home.

Depending on the services offered by your agent, you might have to do some of the intricacies of the buying process yourself. These include making an offer to the current agent or negotiating with the owner. Thereafter there are contractual actions to take and making sure the contact is correct for either party. You will then have to do a home inspection to ensure that you get what you paid for. Make sure that all the items/features listed in the contract is there. If you’re happy with everything, you are officially a homeowner. Congratulations!

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