Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Learning and surviving in the world of continuously changing technology industry, it can be difficult for beginners as well as experts to get left behind when it comes be being fully knowledgeable about the latest technology, especially when there is an abundance of abbreviations for various technological equipment and methodologies.

Today we will discuss FPGA boards. FPGA is the abbreviation for Field Programmable Gate Array. Basically, an FPGA board is a combination of different electronic circuits, consisting of resistors, transistors, and inductors arranged on a silicon board. The circuit can be programmed and customized according to the user’s needs. A large number of pre-programmed electronic circuit boards are available for easy purchase. The specialty of an FPGA board is that it can be programmed by the individual after the initial manufacturing and purchase –

How to Choose an FPGA Board

It is often difficult to know which board to purchase that would meet your requirements. There are certain FPGA boards available that can be easily changed that would enable it to be used for whatever purpose you have bought the circuit board for.

An OTP board, a One Time Programmable board, is used when the individual who is buying the board only needs it for a single purpose and so the customer can buy this board as it is pre-programmed by the manufacturer. This means that once the circuit has been set to perform a certain function, it is unable to be programmed to perform any other function, and any other function would require buying a separate circuit board.

A major advantage of acquiring an FPGA board is the decreased amount of time to sell to buyers and decrease the one-time costs of engineering the boards. An FPGA board is especially useful for people who are employed in a field that requires multiple functions to be performed by a single electronic circuit, to reduce the cost of circuit boards that can are pre- programmed or can only be programmed once. People who work in the field require boards that can be programmed an unlimited amount of times and can be easily repaired in case of damage. If there is someone who requires the board to be applied vertically, an FPGA board is highly recommended.

In order to operate and program an FPGA board, an individual is required to have ample knowledge and understanding of HDL which stands for hardware description language. There is a wide variety of HDLs that can be chosen by the user, however, the HDL chosen should be one that can correspond correctly with the circuit board chosen by the user.

There are a lot of difficulties, especially for beginners, when it comes to choosing the right kind of board to properly perform the purpose it is bought for, in addition to knowing the appropriate hardware description language for the specific board type. It is crucial to find a company that can properly customize the FPGA board in order to achieve the function of the board that it has been bought for.

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