Replacing your social security card


Social security card number is a nine-digit number that is assigned to every citizen of United States of America as a sign of identity and also it is used to maintain a link between the citizen and social security. This card is used to get hired for a job and to get many government policy benefits too.

The first three digits of the social security card number give you the code of the state from where you have applied for the card. Earlier, the number was assigned to the citizen right after when they were born but now they can get it made by anytime before getting an adult.

This card is a very important and unique and is always advised to keep it in a very safe place rather than taking it everywhere as it may be a big issue once you lose it. This card is not likely to be issued in the countries like Australia and India as they have their own systems and identification numbers. This SSC is used when you are filing taxes or submitting very important documents. The number information is very sensitive and hence it has been said earlier to keep it safe.

As it has been discussed above that this card is sensitive, then you must also have an answer to the question: how long does it take to get a replacement security card in case I lose it?’ Well, the answer depends on many factors from which are listed below:

The process is going to be tedious obviously but there are no extra charges if you lose the card and want a replacement. You have to prove your citizenship and identity as well. The documents which might help in it are:

1. US driving license

2. State issued identity card

3. US. passport

Apart from these documents, you can also have the choice of giving them the other identity proving documents such as:

1. School ID

2. US military ID card (in case you are in defence)

3. Employee ID card of the company you are working in.

You also have to prove your age which is directly related to the birth certificate. If you haven’t got your birth certificate or in case you have lost it, then you can go with the options given below.

1. US hospital record where you were born and it may be considered equivalent to your birth certificate.

2. US passport

3. If you are US citizen and still live out for many reasons, then you have to provide them proof of you being living outside for quite a time.

It has been told earlier that the citizenship is needed to be proved first to get the replacement card, then you must know that there has been a change in the rule and only US. passport and birth certificate can be used to prove the citizenship.

Talking about other scenarios, if you are an immigrant then you have to show your immigration documents which include:
1. I-94 arrival/departure record or admission stamp.

2. I-766 employment authorization document, EAD, work permit.

Submitting the required documents as soon possible can make the work go really very fast and the replacement can be obtained very easily but to be on a safe side, it is always strictly advised to keep the card safe and in a secure place.

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