Types of Trimmers

Almost every man with a beard needs to give his beard maintenance ever so often. Beard trimmers can range anywhere from $10 to $100, and quality trimmers typically start at around $35. When determining your budget for a trimmer, it is important to consider your beard’s needs, such as its length, how often it needs to get trimmed, whether it needs to be waterproof for shower use, etc. Once you have answered these questions, you can begin allocating a budget to use at beardcareshop.com.

Luxury Trimmers

You will probably have to allocate somewhere between $65 and $100 to your beard trimmer budget if you are the kind of man who feels more comfortable buying the more fancy brands. However, oftentimes these brands don’t offer much more than the less expensive brands, other than a stylish, luxurious design. In any case, if there is a particular “fancy” brand that works great for you, and you don’t mind the few extra bucks, by all means, go ahead and stick with it. Like they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Good Quality Trimmers

Trimmers in the $35 and $65 range are typically of very good quality. It is generally recommended to buy this type of trimmer, especially if you will use it often. Their price will vary depending on the brand and number of features they offer. Trimmers with more features and bigger name brands will probably be more expensive. Less expensive trimmers from different brands will not always include the same features. For example, a $35 trimmer of a certain brand may include rechargeable batteries and stainless steel blades, but no waterproof technology, while a $35 trimmer from a different brand may include waterproof technology, rechargeable batteries, but no stainless steel blades. It is important to determine which features you require in a trimmer in order to plan your budget accordingly. Below is a list of features that different types of quality trimmers offer.


Rechargeable batteries – does not require a cord or purchasing new batteries

Waterproof technology – perfect for use in the shower

Lithium power technology – does not lose its power over time

Stainless steel blades – last longer and are more comfortable

Multi-use – can trim other parts of your body

Interchangeable trimming blades – for styling and a more personalized use

Length settings – for different beard lengths

Cordless – for more comfort

Lightweight/portability – ideal for travel

Basic Trimmers

For men who never really trim their beard and prefer a more rugged, less concerned style, a $10 – $30 trimmer may suit them best. These trimmers might only include one or two of the above-mentioned features, if any. Nevertheless, for a person who will not make much use of a trimmer, this is likely the better option.

In conclusion, when planning your budget for a new beard trimmer, it is important to first determine what features you are looking for. There are all sorts of trimmers available on the market, ranging from the simplest and most basic to the most sophisticated and versatile technology and brands.

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