What are furniture pads?

Furniture pads can be described as protective blankets that are used to provide cushioning for your delicate furniture when moving. When using these moving pads, you are required to wrap your delicate item inside the blanket and tie tight enough to avoid it from coming off. There are different types of furniture pads mainly differentiated by various features like the material used to make them. Basically, furniture pads can be made out of three types of fabric materials namely; poly-cotton which is a blend of cotton and polyester, synthetic material that is non-woven and pure polyester. Regardless of the type of fabric material, furniture pads offer the ultimate protection for your fragile furniture whenever you are switching homes.

When shopping for the best furniture leg pads for your moving activity, there are certain factors that you will need to take into serious consideration and one of them is the thickness of the filling. This simply refers to the softness of the furniture pad and level of protection it can offer. Thicker filling means better protection while a thin one might not be very protective. A dense filling also means high durability and it is just the right type of furniture pad for your moving needs. You will also want to be keen about the stitch patterns used to make a furniture pad as these stitches impact the ability of the pad to resist tearing.

The cost of furniture pads are also a very important factor to consider and this is because the price is affected by the quality and size of the pad. A high quality pad will tend to cost more than a regular one and vice versa. You should also keep in mind that when moving, you will need to find out how many furniture pads you need and what sizes because it determines the cost of buying and renting furniture pads. Today, some companies provide their clients with furniture pads as part of their service as most clients fail to understand their importance when carrying items from the house into the track, inside the track when the track is moving causing everything to knock each other and lastly, when moving items from the track in to the new house.

Since furniture pads are meant to protect furniture when moving, there are improvised methods you could use instead of having to buy the real furniture pads like using your blanket or cardboard for cushioning. As much as these methods are effective, they may not be suitable for all your furniture especially if it is too big. In order to prevent your furniture from damage when moving, furniture pads are a must.

Note that not only furniture made of glass need cushioning but also furniture that can be damaged with scratches when moving like the fridge. Using furniture pads will ensure that your furniture remains in its original state and newness no matter how rough the moving process will be. It is however very important to note that furniture pads cannot protect your furniture against all types of damage. You still need to be extras careful even after padding your valuables to reduce any risks of damage.

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